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Single Use Words

Together with Daniel Ryan Carter, I’ve been collecting some “Single Use Words.” These are words that seem to remain in the English language only because they are use in a single expression.

For example, “Trove.” Do you really ever say “trove” unless following the word “Treasure”?

Here’s the list:

  • Sty (pig)
  • Trove (treasure)
  • Harrowing (tale)
  • Whet (appetite)
  • Mitigating (circumstances)
  • Smithereens (blown to)
  • Jilted (lover)
  • Ulterior (motive)
  • Wreak (havoc)
  • Sleight (of hand)
  • Ovation (standing)
  • Tantrum (temper)
  • Conniption (fit)
  • Inclement (weather)
  • Unrequited (love)
  • Amok (run)
  • Kink (hose)
  • Fledged (fully)
  • Sledge (hammer)