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NYC Secrets for Travelers and Locals

  • The Subway Performer Circuit
    • For locals, the subway performers are often a nuisance but they can be a delight for folks living outside of big cities.
    • The A and D trains run express up the lenghth of Manhattan, meaning they skip many stops. The longest skip is between 59th and 125th street.
    • This long skip attracts many performers to load their shows onto this circuit. If you’re on an A or D train between 59th and 125th, there’s a good chance you’ll see a performance no matter what car you’re in.

  • Grand Central’s Black Spot
    • When Grand Central’s dirty, tobacco-stained ceiling was cleaned and repainted with the now reknown blue zodiac painting, a single spot of the original ceiling was left as a reminder to patrons of how it used to be.